Lean Management.

Because the future belongs to the lean.

Lean Management and Lean Production

The system developed in Japan in the 1950’s when resources were extremely scarce is now used around the world by top international companies and concerns as one of the most efficient of all improvement strategies. From Lean Production, Lean Logistics, Lean Development, Lean Administration to Lean Six Sigma: Lean Management is a world of its own – and especially for us. Let us show you the Lean way to a bountiful future.

Welcome to Kiendl LeanConsult.

Our Philosophy is Lean. Kiendl LeanConsult.

Focused on your long-term success

Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. With Kiendl Lean Consult, you can optimise key aspects of your company both significantly and for the long-term. We use the principles of Lean Management to redesign the material, information and production streams throughout your entire process chain.

In harmony with a positive corporate culture

From managers to master craftsmen and specialist operators in the production department – we can only succeed by combining our efforts. This is why the human being is always at the centre of our actions. We ensure that your company’s employees can maintain the Lean processes we implement without further assistance from external consultants – and anchor the philosophy of continuously striving for improvement firmly in the culture of your company.

Support in every way

Service that responds to your needs. Our experienced consultants are delighted to support you in every phase of your project with the appropriate Lean Management methods – from efficient preparation to pragmatic solutions and personal implementation to evaluation of results. Only when you achieve your goals are we satisfied. So – what can we help you to achieve?

A compass to guide us. Our principles.

Quality is a duty

Efficient, motivated and focused. This is how Kiendl LeanConsult aims to become the leading Lean Management consultancy for medium-sized and larger companies. Our highly motivated team of consultants is composed of experienced specialists who dedicate their energy and expertise to achieving sustainable success for your company. We give you valuable guidance to help you find your way and make the best use of the methods and instruments of Lean Management for your aims.

In touch with the world

As executives and flexible specialists, we have extensive international experience in both production and consulting processes – from the automobile sector (OEM and sub-contractors) to mechanical engineering and the aviation industry to the process industry and logistics. Kiendl LeanConsult offers this know-how to any company that wishes to profit from modern Lean Management.

In touch with our roots

We can look back on many years of personal experience in industry in the south-west of Germany and consequently have an in-depth understanding of its economic structures. We have the highest regard for this highly efficient region of leading concerns and outstanding medium-sized businesses – it is our home and the base from which we are driving forward Lean Management for our customers in Germany and Europe.

Motivation in few words. Lean Excellence.

Two decades of experience

Kiendl LeanConsult was founded in Autumn 2008 by Stefan Kiendl. After graduating in Business Administration, Kiendl’s career took him on a 20-year journey during which he enjoyed success in almost every sector of industry – including automobile manufacturers and sub-contractors as well as companies in the sectors of mechanical engineering and electronics, aviation, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, logistics and heating and air conditioning technology.

At home in international business
Germany. Spain. Portugal. France. Sweden. Czech Republic. China. USA. Canada. With proven expertise in Lean Management, Stefan Kiendl has been responsible for many improvement projects all over the world – from Lean Production to the introduction of production systems and from product benchmarking to value stream mapping.

“A good idea is not enough. Only its practical implementation in pragmatic solutions leads to a concrete improvement.”

Stefan Kiendl, Founder.

Great potential. In just a few numbers.

Facts & Figures:
  • Founded in October 2008
  • Headquarters in Germersheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
  • Strong team with enormous project expertise
  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Training units approved in accordance with German approval and accreditation regulations (AZWV)

The number of specialists is not critical. Their ability is.

The Kiendl LeanConsult network

As you would expect – we base our own business on Lean principles. Where necessary, we work with partners, companies and institutions from an extraordinary variety of sectors. Our powerful network offers customers further opportunities to maximize the potential and resources of their company even more effectively.

JEB Interlogue GmbH

Japan Europe Businesses interlogue GmbH in Berlin is our trusted partner for organising successful trips to Japan


Design and brand consultancy, Berlin

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

We offer jointly-run and subsidised vocational training courses for employees and employers in times when the employment situation is difficult incl. during periods of short time working


The monitoring company in Munich Partner for data engineering, sales planning, segmentation and parameterisation of material planning, inventory management

Success is measured in responsibility. Not in hierarchies.

Careers with Kiendl LeanConsult

Great achievements require great endeavour. Naturally, our employees are expected to work independently and have a deep knowledge of Lean Management. Do you have extensive project experience in the practical application of Lean Methods as a manager or consultant? Could you explain the principles of Lean Management as convincingly to an employee on the shop floor as you could to a managing director? And do you want to advance Lean Management with enthusiasm and determination? Then you should fit right in at Kiendl LeanConsult.

What awaits you

We offer you no end of variety. A great deal of responsibility. Continuous further development in the principles of the Lean Method. A high degree of individual freedom. And an attractive, performance-related income.

Current job offers

We are currently seeking consultants and senior consultants for Lean Management – send us your application by post or to Convince us.