Working methodically towards the goal.

Our Lean Management.

Kiendl LeanProcess© and Kiendl LeanRules©

Become systematically better. We cover the complete process in our Kiendl LeanProcess© model– and use it to derive the key decisions for optimising your company workflows. This process is supported on the flanks by the Kiendl LeanRules©. These act as a strategic compass, showing you the way and helping you to implement the results of the continuous improvement process sustainably in your company

A genuine model of success. The Kiendl LeanProcess.©

Tools. Performance. Benefit.

High performance through consistently Lean processes in every department. The right tools produce better results – and better results generate long-term success. The Kiendl LeanProcess© has already been proven in many Lean Management projects. And it can also enable you to achieve your company goals.

Rules are indispensable. Kiendl LeanRules.©

Five factors for success

Get lean and stay lean: that is a major challenge that can only be faced and conquered using clear rules. Kiendl LeanRules© show you which influences critically determine the success of your improvement process and are a valuable compass – helping you both to take your next step and plan for your longer strategic journey.

1. Recognize potential

Every crisis is an opportunity. The pressure creates a willingness to accept change and can achieve great things. Use this energy. Find an experienced consultant – either internal or external – and use his expertise. This gives you quick access to the specialist knowledge you need and saves valuable time in especially challenging phases of your company’s development.

2. Set clear goals

Binding tasks. Defined goals. Clear communication. Definite responsibilities. Trusted methods. And practical tools. These are the pre-requisites for a continuous process of improvement. Meet them all with the help of an established professional organisation, which leaves you free to focus on your daily business.

3. Build reliability

Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So it is vital that everyone pulls in the same direction. Transparency and trust are vital. Check that top management give their full support to the improvement process and ensure that employees are not merely passively affected by the process but play an active role in shaping the improvement.

4. Seek success

Start the process of improvement by giving it your full concentration. Anchor the Lean Process in your company through product-oriented organisation and quickly identify the first successes. Start immediately and insist on success. It is your beacon and will demonstrate the potential of Lean Management. Every employee will recognise it – and fear and suspicion will be transformed into motivation.

5. Assure the future

Make your principles of Lean Management obligatory. Ensure that the alignment of your organisation and processes is inspected regularly. The process of improvement will never run itself but must be driven forward with clear goals and leadership. And above all: develop a sustainable growth strategy. Savings alone are not enough. Only those with a clear vision of their future can ensure they play a part in it in the long-term.